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Mares are Our Business
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2020 Breeding Contract
The Martins developed NWMS to fill a void created by the rapid advancement of technology in the equine reproduction field. The NWMS team is both schooled and skilled in the most up-to-date breeding practices of today’s advancements in cooled/frozen semen, artificial insemination, and embryo transfer. From custom collections to semen freezing and storage, NWMS collaborates with equine reproduction expert Trish Kentner Backsen DVM to ensure that all your reproduction needs are fulfilled in the most professional and successful manner possible. While most breeding facilities focus on the Stallions they stand, NWMS focuses on the mares by providing an environment for success. 

NWMS foaling service is highly regarded, as near-term mares are closely supervised by skilled foaling attendants close at hand to insure the safe arrival of that much anticipated new foal. As each mare nears their anticipated foaling date, she will be monitored with an electronic “Foal Alert”™ as well as being monitored by security cameras.

With foals at side and safely checked back in foal, most broodmares will return home for the remainder of the year. But for those that need special attention, or just really like it here, we offer the choice of year-round mare care.